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We're five today!

It's our birthday today! Thank you to all our clients and partners who’ve helped us grow old (dis)gracefully. 

When you consider that 50% of businesses fail in their first five years, we’re grateful to everyone who’s helped make us the thriving agency we are today. 

From our humble kitchen-table beginnings in 2015, our team has grown to way more than 11 people - although the lean and purposeful philosophy around 11 as an ideal team number remains. We’ve worked with over 40 clients, in over 20 countries, whilst staying true to our core values by keeping health and humanity at the heart of everything we do. 

Thank you to everyone who’s worked with us along the way! We’ll be raising a glass (or 11) to all of you tonight.

About 11 London

11 London is an advertising and communications agency, based in West London. We work in the areas of health and humanity - with organisations, brands or products that improve or prolong life. To learn more about 11 London, please contact:


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