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Video or static? Let us help you decide

When you’re looking to advertise on social media, you’ll rightly have lots of questions: “Who should I be targeting?”, “How will it portray my brand?”, “How can I make sure it’s successful?”, and ultimately “What type of creative should I use to grab attention and spur action?”. Video marketing has been growing exponentially in the last decade, overshadowing static advertising. But is it worth the extra cost?

Google yields infinite results with different options on the matter, but it’s difficult to find definitive numbers that tell you “This is better than that”. Keep reading, as you might just be in the right place!

It all comes down to numbers

When it comes to most advertising platforms, you have the choice to run your campaign with static or video creatives. There’s no way of knowing which format will work best unless you have previously tested both types. Via our Social Media Lab offering, we have been doing exactly that: testing different types of creative against each other with the same amount of media spend, with the aim of singling out the best performing one.

The exact metrics that we use to choose our “winner” would depend on the objective of the campaign (i.e., traffic, website purchase, lead generation). However, there are three metrics that we look at for most of our clients’ campaigns: reach, impressions, and link clicks. After analysing hundreds of ads that we’ve been running on Facebook Ads Manager, it’s clear to us that video content is indeed worth the extra cost.

Engagement rates are also higher for video content (3.75%) as opposed to static (2.83%), and costs are lower across the board:

  • Cost per click: video (£1.01) vs. static (£1.88)

  • Cost per thousand impressions (£5.34) vs. static (£11.44)

Get a bigger bang for your buck

So to come back to that original question, “How can I make sure this campaign is going to be successful?”, one key answer is: by putting out content that engages your target audience.

Analysing the results of our recent social media campaigns, the numbers speak for themselves. Video is simply more engaging. So, while static creatives can be attractive due to their lower cost for more quantity, the extra budget spent on video content will bring you the quality results that you hoped for when planning your campaign.

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