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Unique poll shows what Brits really think about health, the charity sector and sustainability

11 London has teamed up with think tank and pollsters More In Common to find out what people really think about the burning issues in the health, charity and sustainability sectors. Are the divisive views we see on social media truly representative? Or do we have more in common than you might think?

In the first of what will become a twice-yearly poll, we asked 2,000 people what they really care about, what they think we should do to improve things, and what gets in the way of necessary change. Our aim: to get an informed sense of who cares about what, so we can better serve these sectors.

Our bespoke poll uses segmentation based not on demographics but on people’s values, divided into seven segments known as ‘The British Seven’. These have then been applied to the areas most relevant to 11 London and our clients: health, charities and sustainability. This combination of insights is not available anywhere else, and we’ll be repeating the poll twice a year so we can track these unique patterns of opinion over time.

We invite you to download the full survey results – where you can also find out all about the seven segments of UK society. But here’s a taster of some of our findings.

Health: key findings

Most people think that making the UK healthier is the responsibility of individuals rather than the Government – and that the biggest barrier to improving health is poor individual choices about things like diet and exercise.

Other commonly shared views:

  • Reducing NHS waiting lists should be the Government’s main priority.

  • The NHS should not be privatised.

  • We talk too little about mental health, men’s health and antibiotic resistance.

Charities: key findings

Donating and volunteering are seen as the most important ways to support a charity. But talking to friends and family, changing shopping habits and signing petitions also received significant support.

Transparency over how donations are spent is the primary motivator for making a donation; followed by the cause’s personal relevance to the supporter. A clear goal is also important.

Most people think it’s the Government’s job to tackle big issues like poverty, climate change and helping the homeless. However, most people also believe that ‘charity begins at home’ – ie, that we should help our families, friends and other Britons before others. Right-leaning segments, in particular, see issues like overseas aid and helping refugees as responsibilities for charities, not government.

Climate change: key findings

Two thirds of people worry about climate change, across all segments apart from Disengaged Traditionalists.

The biggest single priority is the rise in global temperatures; the two other big issues are seen as plastic in the oceans, and the increasing cost of food and energy.

Small actions such as recycling, or taking your own shopping bag, receive majority support, whereas more demanding behaviour changes get less support.

The main barriers that put people off taking climate action are cost, and the actions of climate activists.

Read the full report

To find out how each segment felt about the key issues in your sector, we recommend downloading the full poll here.

While some survey questions will remain the same over time, there is the opportunity to include others that seem pertinent. So if you’d like to discuss including a question relevant to your sector, or to talk about how our poll could benefit your work, please get in touch! We hope you find the survey illuminating, and we welcome your feedback.


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