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My personal breakthrough: A creative re-awakening with 11 London

As an art director, my skillset is usually much more weighted towards pictures than words but along with my colleagues I have been tasked with writing a breakthrough themed blog post, so here I go. I thought I would share a story about a major turning point in my life that all started four years ago (yes, I know, another lockdown turning point story!). Back then, I was working really long hours for an agency in central London, added to by the constant battle of the Brighton to London commute. Between the extortionate rent and train fares, not to mention how mentally and physically tired I was all the time, creativity outside of work felt like a luxury I had no time or energy for anymore. It was stressful, exhausting, and honestly, I was pretty miserable and not really myself.

Then, everything changed when I joined 11 London. They offered me something I hadn’t even dared to hope for: the chance to work remotely and part-time. It sounded almost too good to be true, but it was real, and it was exactly the breakthrough I needed.

Taking that job at 11 London wasn’t just a career move, it was a life move. I packed up my life and moved to a beautiful house by the sea in Cardigan Bay, Wales. Imagine swapping out sardine packed train rides (if they turn up at all) for sandy beaches and dolphins, it was total bliss! This move has done wonders for my creativity. With the freedom to work from home and choose my hours, I’ve found myself more inspired and productive than ever.

The part-time, flexible working setup has been a game changer. It gives me the space to relax and recharge, which means as well as enjoying my personal projects I also bring my best self to the agency. This isn’t just good for me, it’s great for our clients too.

So, if you’re in the health and humanity space looking for a partner who really gets the importance of a healthy work life balance and practice what they preach, you’re in the right place with 11 London. And for anyone feeling stuck in a rut with traditional work setups, take it from me: there’s so much more out there, keep looking. Sometimes the biggest breakthroughs in life begin with a simple shift in where and how you work.

When you give people space to breathe, they come alive in ways that not even they can imagine.


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