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It’s time we stopped cervical cancer shortening any lives.

Cervical cancer, caused by the HPV virus, is usually detected and treated early in the UK. But in many low to middle income countries, it is still the biggest cause of premature death in women – killing 266,000 every year.

So it’s timely that this January, Cervical Cancer Month, QuantuMDx has released an infographic showing how, in partnership with Global Good, it is taking affordable, rapid HPV diagnostics to the developing world.

QuantuMDx’s portable molecular diagnostics device, the Q-POC, will enable a point of care test for HPV and diagnosis within 30 minutes, meaning treatment can begin immediately. By saving women’s lives, this will also protect millions of children from trauma and disadvantage.

Image: Infographic, designed by 11-London, for QuantuMDx. 

About 11 London

11 London is an advertising and communications agency, based in leafy West London. We work in the areas of health and humanity - with organisations, brands or products that improve or prolong life. To learn more about 11 London, please contact Matthew Hunt at


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