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Is your fundraising product fit for the challenges ahead?

Consultancy has always been part of 11 London’s DNA, with many leading charities benefiting from our Product Portfolio Planning service. This valuable audit can help you identify which income streams are booming, which are waning, what to drop and what to launch – ensuring a healthy, buoyant portfolio of fundraising products.

With a challenging economic environment in the coming months, making sense of the path ahead is more relevant than ever. Our tried and tested approach provides you with the support of an expert external eye and a neutral guiding hand to facilitate fresh ideas and innovation.

Armed with some overarching principles and effective tools, we’ll work together to analyse your individual products, lift the lid on your audiences – both current and potential – and review the marketplace to identify areas of opportunity.

We’d love to talk further about how we can tailor Product Portfolio Planning specifically to your needs – so contact us today.

Watch this space for information on more of what we have on offer through 11 Consulting

We have developed other brand new, bespoke consultancy products to address unmet needs in both the health and humanity sectors. As always, our approach is collaborative and affiliative – operating as an extension of your own team. More to come!

Helen Hamilton

Business Director, Connections Consultant


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