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Lead generation: Gem and I

After food, shelter and companionship, Philip Pullman writes that "stories are the thing we need most in the world." At 11 London we’ve taken this to heart, and created a bedtime storybook, Gem and I, for CPRE (the countryside charity) to celebrate our beautiful starry skies and act as a way of generating leads and connecting with new generations of supporters.

Front cover and second spread of Gem and I.

Written by 11 London’s Lucy Silver and illustrated by Rosie Chomet, the story follows Gem as she moves from the countryside to the city, and loses sight of her favourite star because of the bright city lights. In true young eco warrior style, Gem goes door-to-door asking her neighbours to turn off their lights so she can see her star friend again.

Early results from our Social Media Labs show that copies are flying off the digital shelves, with the best performing ad doing x5 better than our projected target, and the current cost per lead less than half of what we generally see in the sector. Whilst we’re still in the testing stages, we hope that the campaign will become an example of what can be achieved with thoughtful strategy, a highly collaborative client relationship and investment in creative.

Early reception from our literary critics has also been very positive:

11 London's space-dragon consultant, Harry Hunt, reviews the finished product.

For more information about CPRE’s campaign or to make a donation, please visit their website.

About 11 London

11 London is an advertising and communications agency, based in leafy West London. We work in the areas of health and humanity - with organisations, brands or products that improve or prolong life. To learn more about 11 London, please contact:


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