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King’s College London and 11 London collaborate on health psychology

At 11 London we have always tried to base our health campaigns on empirical insights. To this end, we’ve collaborated with patient associations, carried out social listening and interviewed patients. But now we are taking the next step to embed our work even more deeply in behavioural science.


We’re delighted to announce that we are working in partnership with the Health Psychology department at King’s College London (King’s) to build insights into how people manage daily life with different conditions.


Rona Moss-Morris, Professor of Psychology as Applied to Medicine at King’s is working with the agency to shape disease awareness campaigns and patient support programmes in a variety of therapy areas, for a range of clients. Our shared goal is to make these campaigns as relevant as possible.


By applying her knowledge of health psychology models and trends, and connecting the 11 London team with content area specialists at King’s and beyond, Professor Moss-Morris will help illuminate key issues, including how patients may react to diagnoses and treatments, and how they perceive their relationships with their health care professionals.


Matt Hunt, MD of 11 London, said: ‘Rona has been working with us for a few months now and the perspective she brings has been immensely valuable. It brings another level of nuance to how we talk to people about their health, and which behavioural triggers really matter. We’ve been working on projects that include understanding attitudes to taking MS medications in different settings, the role that social determinants of health have on people’s ability to take part in clinical trials, and interpreting the results of our own biannual health poll of 2,000 adults with polling agency More in Common – so it’s pretty broad’.


Professor Moss-Morris added: ‘I’ve really enjoyed getting involved in the range of projects that 11 London are active in, and seeing how both their commercial and charity health projects can benefit from the academic experience we have at King’s. We come at things from different angles, but to my mind that’s a very good thing’.   


For more information about how a health psychology perspective can bring a new level of relevance to your healthcare communications, please get in touch with


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