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11 London are delighted to announce our collaboration with health psychologist, Prof. Anne Manyande

As an agency, we take a deeper and a more considered approach to health marketing and communications founded on expert collaborations. We are therefore, thrilled to be working with Professor Anne Manyande.

A health psychology specialist, Anne is a full member of the Division of Health Psychology and a chartered member of the British Psychological Society.

Her experience is formidable, including teaching on the MSc Health Psychology course for seventeen years, research on stressful medical procedures, hospital-based mental health work and collaboration on a range of projects in China.

Together, we will use health psychology to apply a greater understanding to patient and HCP projects. That means more scrutiny of the factors surrounding symptoms, outcomes and the impact of patient support and care networks.

This will also help us understand the challenges facing healthcare practitioners and identify areas of greater need.

Our collaboration with Professor Manyande exemplifies the new approach to 11 London’s own brand strategy, one that consciously joins the dots and looks for connected themes and opportunities to inform and develop effective marketing campaigns.

Helen Hamilton, Business Director and Connections Consultant at 11 London says:

“Working with Anne is a joy and it’s wonderful to see her professional expertise applied to our briefs so that we can get a more nuanced understanding of behavioural factors.

The benefits to our clients are tangible: we’re enhancing our ability to tailor what we deliver, using deeper levels of insight from the start.

It’s always about getting to the nub of what’s right for audiences but having Anne with us takes it to another level and really sets us apart.”


Helen Hamilton



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