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Averting global catastrophe with the Centre for Alternative Technology

11 London is helping the Centre for Alternative Technology raise awareness of practical solutions to protect our planet - at a very critical time.

Snow in the Sahara. Wildfires in the Arctic Circle. With this year’s extreme weather events, the penny has finally dropped: climate change is happening in real time. And catastrophe will only be averted if we all adopt sustainable ways of living – now. 

That’s the stark warning from one of the world’s foremost proponents of sustainable technologies: the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales (CAT). But there is hope. In a new report, “Raising Ambition” CAT  maps out proven practical solutions from across the globe, using existing technology, that, if adopted widely, could reduce our carbon emissions sufficiently to stop climate change becoming irreversible. 

The challenge is to inspire the world to change its ways in time.

11 London is delighted to be helping CAT with strategic positioning, helping the charity refine its vision and mission statement. We have also written their new climate change appeal, which asks supporters to help maximise this window of opportunity and widen CAT’s global impact. 

Eileen Kinsman, Head of Development at CAT, said: “The world has finally woken up to climate change.  Now we must make it listen.  Here at CAT we already have the solutions to help avoid runaway climate change but we needed help to share them more widely.  11 London helped us develop our case for support and get our message out there.”

With the funds raised by this appeal, CAT aims to increase media coverage ahead of the next major UN climate change conference; expand its world-leading postgraduate and vocational courses; and welcome more visitors to CAT to see its ‘living laboratory’ of renewable energy technologies in action. 

To find out more about CAT’s inspiring work, visit

About 11 London

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