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A natural success: Naturehood in lockdown

After almost a year of ever-localised existence, many of us have become far more attuned to nature and our environment. In the absence of dinner parties and diary dates, the world’s natural markers of time have taken on renewed significance. Our client, Earthwatch Europe, have embraced this enthusiasm and created Naturehood – a social platform that helps people to take individual actions that will support biodiversity more widely in their local area.

Individual action for collective change

Whilst the challenges posed by climate change can feel overwhelming, Naturehood is the perfect example of how individual actions can create significant change. People’s gardens collectively cover a landmass the size of the lake district, and with a little coordination we can take steps to ‘link’ these spaces and support local wildlife and biodiversity.

Naturehood provides the perfect platform to guide eager participants towards environmentally supportive action. Activities are seasonal and can be anything from sinking water buckets in the ground as ‘mini ponds’ for thirsty wildlife, to making small gaps in fences so that hedgehogs can forage between gardens, or simply creating a window box. The ideas are charming and accessible; no previous knowledge is required, just enthusiasm and any kind of outdoor space.

Lead generation and nature-lover recruitment

Earthwatch’s biggest challenge was recruiting a critical mass of participants to launch Naturehood nationally.

To help them do this, we used our Social Media Labs programme to create a series of ads to test on social, in order to find and optimise the most successful creative route.

To kick start our lead generation, we tried out all manner of creative variants from cute and funny ads, to very practical posts leading on hints and tips. Following optimisation, the results have been astronomical. Our campaign generated over 40,000 leads and helped to sign up 40 new Naturehood Community Leaders to coordinate local activities. A further campaign to encourage likes on their new Facebook page is also storming ahead.

A voice from the ground

One of those participants is Russell Fisher, a teacher who stepped up to become a Naturehood community leader, coordinating local activities during lockdown. We interviewed Russell over Zoom last week to find out what led him to join Naturehood. Russell explained, ‘Nature means absolutely everything to me. I’m very passionate about it, but I know I don’t know everything. That’s the beauty of it – you never stop learning, and there’s no entry criteria for joining in. It’s not just the scientific side of things, it’s the practical and the artistic side of it too.’

The accessibility of Naturehood is certainly a significant part of what has made it so popular. However, the group has also provided a sense of community and focus during a year when many of us were struggling to find either. When staying put has been the most helpful thing many of us could do to support key worker efforts, it’s easy to feel helpless. Naturehood gave a lot of people an outer focus and sense of purpose – one that has persevered throughout all three lockdowns, whilst other new hobbies have waned.

Russell talked keenly about his renewed plans for his local area, ‘This lockdown I’ve taken it upon myself to put together a wildflower verge and I’m hoping I can get the rest of the community to do the same thing and hopefully expand it into public spaces.’

By inspiring individuals to take positive action, Naturehood is breathing life back into our local communities, as well as our environment. It’s helped to create a national network of nature enthusiasts, devoted to supporting their environment and noticing the little, beautiful things. Right now, it’s just what we all need.

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