From Social Labs to Social Listening,
we can help grow your business - insightfully.

Over the last 4 years and with over 20 clients we have developed a ways of harnessing the power of social media to inform all aspects of marketing and advertising.

Social can bring insights, it can be a test bed for audiences and ideas, it offers the scale for roll-out of awareness and acquisition programmes, it can keep audiences loyal – and you can measure all of it in granular detail.

But there a multiple aspects to making social work for you, and so we’ve put it together in an ‘ecosystem’. You can pick and choose and try it for size, or you can bring all of it together in social harmony.

Our clients in Health and Humanity who have used Social Ecosystem include those from commercial health companies, environmental organisations and charities – both local and international.

You can use Social Ecosystem for:

  • Market research and insights

  • Influencer identification

  • Testing new audiences, concepts, campaigns and CTAs

  • Paid social for lead generation through to conversion (full sales funnel)

  • Organic social posting, approval, replies and management

  • Ongoing brand / category monitoring and measurement

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or to set up a Q&A meeting.


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