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As an advertising agency working in the fields of health and humanity, we know how important breakthroughs are.

Whether it’s a medical breakthrough like botox or GLP-1s, a communications breakthrough such as bringing sepsis into public consciousness, a technology breakthrough like AI or CRISPR, or a fundraising breakthrough like the use of social media for lead generation - they can come from anywhere.

And breakthroughs are needed now more than ever as those working in health and humanity are forced to do more with less - yet we all expect increasingly complex and personalised care from public bodies and commercial brands alike.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be exploring the subject in a series of articles by members of our team, and you may be surprised to hear about the breakthroughs we've experienced individually or collectively. Whether the barrier you’re breaking through is small or large, if it changes the status quo for the better then it deserves celebrating. Watch this space… *PS: for those not in the know, the image depicts the Higgs boson particle.


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