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Business as usual, in the new 'normal'

In these uncertain times, we want to let our network know that the agency will continue to be open for business, and that we’re delivering work as normal - just virtually.

We’re in a fortunate position of having a raft of solutions to help commercial health and charity organisations communicate effectively across a range of digital, broadcast and social channels, which will be used heavily in the upcoming months.

What we say, and how we say it, will doubtless change over the next few weeks and months. However, what is certain is that organisations focusing on health and care will be needed more than ever before and helping them communicate appropriately is precisely what we do.

Our team are now working remotely and we’ve had the ability to work this way since we started the company, so it’s nothing new for us. Our development partners are also working in this way and we are in close contact via email, phone and Slack. To replace meetings and workshops we have a number of remote conferencing options, which we can use based on what’s needed. If you’ve never done a workshop remotely, now’s the time to try!

Please don’t hesitate to drop one of us a line if you have any concerns, but for us business will continue in the ‘new normal’.

Sending love, solidarity, and best wishes to everyone during this difficult time,

Matthew Hunt

MD at 11 London


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