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Adopt a Bear launches

11 London and the Three Bears 

Making the world a better place for animals is a priority for our client World Animal Protection. So we were delighted to help them launch an exciting new sponsorship product: Adopt A Bear.

The charity is offering people the opportunity to sponsor rescue bears at the beautiful, forested Balkasar Sanctuary in Pakistan, where they can live in peace with other bears after years of suffering in the bear bile and entertainment industries.

Our campaign for Adopt A Bear ranged from Facebook ads, online banners and landing pages, to a welcome pack and retention materials. Our concept truly brought the bears into people’s homes, with appealing images of bears in the bath or on the sofa. The idea of a bear joining your family was reinforced by the campaign line: ‘You don’t need a big house to adopt a bear. Just a big heart’.

Prospective adopters can choose from three bears, each with a compelling back story: Lovely Leela, Playful Pooh and Cheeky Chowti. Once they’ve selected their new furry family member, they’ll receive a host of materials including an adoption certificate, fridge magnet - and even Christmas cards from their bear.

We’re pleased to report that adoptions are well underway, which will help World Animal Protection rescue even more animals from cruelty and exploitation, and encourage people to treat them more humanely. Now that’s what we call a happy ending.

To find out more about how you can add a bear to your home, visit:


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