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Are you engaging everyone you need to reach – from patient groups of all ethnicities, to different HCPs, to your own internal teams?


Understanding and embracing different audiences is the key to better outcomes. Our specialist consultancy will help you create thoughtful, effective dialogues that make everyone feel included and considered.

 For Health & Humanity

Helping you make a more personal connection:

strategic consultancy for health organisations


Do you have a fully-fledged omnichannel approach to engaging HCPs with your brands and therapy areas? And do you know what, when and where those audiences want to hear from you? Our OmniLabs(r) programme - together with its proprietary AI-powered database – eliminates the guesswork. It will help you plan, execute and manage entire campaigns to achieve valuable new leads and sign-ups

Key elements:

  • Research-validated audience personas

  • User journey mapping

  • Media and buying

  • Content calendars

  • Multi-variant testing matrices

  • Monthly reporting, analysis and ongoing optimisation

  • CRM integration

360° Patient

Is your patient support programme delivering what patients truly need? Do you talk to them as real people, with complex needs? If you make them feel heard and understood, the outcomes will be better for everyone. Gain valuable insights to help you deliver outstanding patient support comms, with our Patient 360° consultancy.

Key elements:

  • Review of your therapy area

  • Audience insight

  • Ideation based on our 'Five Pillars of Patient Support'


Are your clinical trials truly putting patients front and centre? Does everyone feel heard and included? When a trial design truly reflects patients’ lived experience and diversity, everyone benefits. At 11 London, where 50% of our clients are patient organisations and charities, we’re uniquely placed to help you take an authentically patient-first approach. We can audit your trial design from the patient perspective, and help you maximise recruitment, engagement and adherence among a diverse patient population.

Key elements:

  • Trial evaluation and design that fits around patients’ lives and minimises burden 

  • Diversity and inclusion – ensuring your trials represent the population you serve

  • Patient journey mapping and communication plans

Product Portfolio Planning

Are you focusing on the right fundraising products? Our bespoke audit and collaborative consultancy can help your team weed out the clutter, identify the big opportunities and make the right strategic decisions. Together, we’ll ensure your portfolio is blossoming - even in challenging conditions.

Key elements:

  • Overview of sector competition and insights for competitive advantage

  • Interrogating the shape of your portfolio

  • Identifying the greatest opportunity for growth

Embracing Ethnicity in Health


Could your health communications be more inclusive? Disease doesn’t overlook ethnic diversity – and nor should your comms. Our collaborative, insight-driven specialist consultancy will help you engage every patient group you need to reach, including ethnic minorities.

Key elements:

  • Audit of current communications within specific communities and disease areas

  • Relevant insights related to racialised minority groups

  • Bespoke approach and outline of opportunities tailored to your needs

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