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Paul hits the right channels

A big welcome to our new Omnichannel Director, Paul Berressem, who enhances the strength and capability of our dedicated Digital team.

Paul brings over 20 years’ experience in digital healthcare marketing on both local and global levels, having worked for Engage In-Health, ONEHealth/hôme digital and Pulse.

"Using the latest technologies to deliver information that can have a positive impact on healthcare is what drives me”, he says. In his new role at 11 London, Paul’s aim is twofold: firstly, to get the right message to the right audience via the right channels at the right time; then, to measure the impact of these activities through detailed analytics. This should deliver genuine breakthroughs for many of our clients.

Outside of work, Paul is kept busy with his family, including four children and two black Labradors, rescue dogs Bella and Ness. “Our holidays are often UK-based and involve a lot of walking and waterproof clothing.”   So the channel-crossing is strictly for business…    



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