Involving patients for insightful communications.

In our experience, the best awareness and support programmes we create are those in which we involve patients in the process. So whether you’re asking us to make HCP, payer or patient comms, we can ensure patients are always at the very heart of them.

Our charity client portfolio gives us access to patient groups, who bring valuable insight into how people live with and talk about their conditions; we have helped pharma clients and charities forge mutually beneficial working partnerships.

We can carry out market research with patients, helping you refine key messages; awareness of their needs also helps us determine the best platform for your communications, be it a leaflet or an app. We have also invited patients to co-create materials, and even star in photoshoots.  It all adds up to more authentic, appropriate communications that will be of genuine value to those they serve.

Call us to find out how your patient comms can be more authentic.


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