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 For Humanity

A fresh eye can help you reach the prize:

Bespoke consultancy for charities

In these competitive times, we all need to raise our game. And sometimes, a fresh eye can help you do just that. Our specialist consultancy products are designed quite simply to power up your performance – whether it’s that of your internal teams, your fundraising creative, or your income streams.


Our approach is always affiliative – think of us as an extension of your team – and insight-driven. This way, we make that sure everyone’s on board, and that you’ll gain a practical, evidence-based toolkit to help you move forward effectively.

Product Portfolio Planning

Are you focusing on the right fundraising products? Our bespoke audit and collaborative consultancy can help your team weed out the clutter, identify the big opportunities and make the right strategic decisions. Together, we’ll ensure your portfolio is blossoming - even in challenging conditions.

Fundraising Creative Reboot

Right now, it’s never been more important that your fundraising creative cuts through the competition. But does your team have the training to make it happen?

Whether you use an agency or do it all in-house, our  Creative Reboot will upskill your team to deliver effective creative campaigns that stand out for all the right reasons.

Culture Clinic

It doesn’t matter how strong your strategic vision is if your teams don’t feel inspired or empowered to drive it forward. That’s where Culture Clinic comes in. Based on in-depth interviews, our internal health check will help you identify the challenges and opportunities in your team culture, and equip everyone with the skills, processes and confidence to succeed.

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